Sunday 15 June, 18:30h

On photography

THINKING ART FROM CINEMA: itineraries around the creative processes

Cinema employs photography as a space of dialogue, of stimulation and as an essay about its possibilities. Cinema and photography draw a common experience of the artist and the images, but they should contemplate one to each other and, at the same time, they should recognize themselves as different processes with their own potentialities: the invention of time, the work of duration, the way to articulate the thought in images (and sounds).


Intermittences non regulées de Etienne-Jules Marey, Jean-Michel Bouhours. France, 1978, 14 min, 16 mm

Conversations in Vermont, Robert Frank. USA, 1969, 26 min, video

Six fois deux/Sur et sous la communication, Jean-Luc Godard and Anne- Marie Miéville. France, 1977, 46 min, video

Wavelenght, Michael Snow. Canada, 1966-67, 45 min, 16 mm