Sunday 22 June, 18:30h

On painting: the artists studio

THINKING ART FROM CINEMA: itineraries around the creative processes

Cinema is a privileged form to give away and to preserve the memory of the painter's gesture. In the first part, we witness the creation in the studio, the work of the artist, his relation (physical and material) with the work of art. Hands, gazes and traces of great painters: Matisse, Miró, Pollock, Bacon and Tàpies. In the middle of the programme, getting close to abstraction, with a filmmaker, Stan Brakhage, painting on the film. And in the second part, we have artist-filmmakers working for the new patrons (television and MoMA), they draw a discussion about art: essays about what's art and what art can be.


1st part

Henri Matisse, François Campaux. France, 1946, fragments (10 min), video

Miró 73. Toiles Brûlées, Francesc Català-Roca. Spain, 1973, 10 min, video

Jackson Pollock, Hans Namuth, Paul Falkenberg. USA, 1951, 10 min, 16mm

 Francis Bacon, peintre anglais, Pierre Koralnik. Switzerland, 1971, 26 min, video

Antoni Tàpies, Andrés Hispano. Spain, 1997, 3 min, video

Hand-painted films, Stan Brakhage. USA, 1986-1994, 13 min, 16 mm

          Night Music, 1986, 30 s

         Three Homerics (For Barbara Feldman), 1993, 4 min 30 s

         Stellar, 1993, 2 s

         Naughts, 1994, 4 min 30 s


2nd part

 Met Dieric Bouts, André Delvaux. Belgium, 1975, 30 min, video

The Old Place, Jean-Luc Godard and Anne-Marie Miéville. France-USA, 1998, 48 min, video