Saturday 23 October, 19:00

Old and new dimensions of inequality

Lecture by Zygmunt Bauman

As pointed out by Michel Crozier almost half century ago, the foremost strategy of all and any power struggle consists in structuring (fixing) the counterpart/adversary while "un-structuring" (deregulating) one's own setting. The inequality of positions and chances is in effect the uncertainty-operated and guided. But if in the times of "solid" modernity (as exemplified by the "Fordist factory") both sides of the hierarchy had vested interests in preventing inequality from running out of control. Such interests have been however unilaterally abandoned or "liberated from" with the passage to the liquid phase. In the lecture the consequences of that seminal change will be explored.

This lecture will be available online via streaming in English and also dubbed into Catalan.

Zygmunt Bauman
With the collaboration of Editorial Paidós.
The Present Continuous, The Electromagnetic Spectrum, Open Science, Psi Particle, Art Now, Eco Factor, Emerging Culture, Cybersphere, New Activism
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