Friday 23 April, 21:00

Nits Salvatges


Like a swiftly distilled liquor, like a leap in the dark, Nits Salvatges is two days of specific actions, 8 totally new experiences by artists from here and there. Ideas, reflections, contexts, presences and primitive acts with varying degrees of theatre from Esther Ferrer, Colectivo 96, Amalia Fernández, Oscar Abril, Abraham Hurtado, Elena Córdoba - Cristóbal Pera, Gérald Kurdian and Davis Freeman.



23 April

Esther Ferrer

Colectivo 96

Amalia Fernández

Oscar Abril


24 April

Abraham Hurtado

Elena Córdoba - Cristóbal Pera

Gérald Kurdian

Davis Freeman


More information: http://laportabcn.com