Tuesday 31 May, 19:30

Mexico Today: Violence and Civil Society

Presentation of the website NUESTRA APARENTE RENDICIÓN (Our Apparent Surrender)

In August 2010 the bodies of 72 migrants who had been kidnapped and murdered by the narco (drug traffickers) appeared in Tamaulipas (Mexico). One of the many reactions to the tragedy was the creation of the blog Nuestra Aparente Rendición (Our Apparent Surrender), which was conceived as a space in which to discuss the burgeoning violence in the country and as a call to citizens to show their pain and indignation: speaking up for peace. Just a few months later, the blog has become a reference point for Mexican civil society, embracing the opinions, experiences and reflections of thousands of people affected by the war. Moreover, now with resonance in the international sphere, Nuestra Aparente Rendición has also been invited to discuss the issues with Hillary Clinton, Amnesty International and UNESCO, to give just three examples.

This colloquium will offer an account of the present situation in Mexico, which is so distorted by the media, and of the experience of Nuestra Aparente Rendición in creating a space in which Mexican society can reunite.




Lolita Bosch, writer, founder and editor of Nuestra Aparente Rendición   

Jordi Soler, writer and journalist   

Edson Lechuga, writer   

Alejandro Vélez Salas, Doctor in Humanities, in charge of the section “Proposals for peace” of Nuestra Aparente Rendición


Website NUESTRA APARENTE RENDICIÓN (Our Apparent Surrender) http://nuestraaparenterendicion.com/