REP mural

To coincide with the above activity, the cartoonist Rep will produce a mural in the Foyer of the CCCB. The artist will be approaching this action as a dialogue between himself, his work and the public, who will have the chance to be present at the moment of creation and accompany him in the process.

"Working with POSTCARD IMAGES is a characteristic feature of my work. I will be drawing mute scenes from which specific historical references will be absent or only appear when essential. This mural will explain the reality of social transition after years of dictatorship and the process of breaking away from what used to bind it, with scenes of elections, strikes, mobilizations, magazines, films, punk, cultural movements and everyday life. Past and present blend together in drawings touched by poetry, that invite those who look at them to think about the issue without getting bogged down in facts and figures-transition: alive, sensual, free-thinking, with no hard-and-fast messages. Transition seen by Eros, a far cry from Thanatos."