Món Llibre 2009

Children’s Book Festival

Book World is the big book fair for children: a very special Sant Jordi celebration packed full of stories, writers, shows, cinema, exhibitions, music, magic... in an atmosphere of literary recreations that will take little ones on a journey to the imaginary world of books.  


Book World will be held for the five time in 2009, offering a whole weekend of almost 150 activities at the CCCB and also at plaça Joan Coromines and the MACBA. It is organised with the collaboration of children's books publishers from around the country, who will bring highly appetising projects and hundreds of books to the event.

A new feature of Book World 2009 is "In the Style of ...", a project in which artists from different disciplines, all exponents of contemporary creation, offer their own particular look at literature and at some of the books proposed by the publishers taking part.

Artists taking part:

Reflexus - Jordi Teixidó
Judith Farrés - L'elefantástico (Ed. Kokinos)
Manwoz & Marina - La cosa perduda (Ed. Barbara Fiore)
Perejaume at the MACBA
Conservas - L'enemic (Ed. TakaTuka/Virus Editorial)
D'callaos - La casa de la mosca fosca (Ed. Kalandraka)
Stella Velilla - La humanitat (Ed. Cruïlla)
Garotas con garbanzos. O pinto careca (Ed. Kalandraka)

Also with us on this occasion is British author and illustrator Leigh Hodgkinson, art director of the BBC series Charlie and Lola, based on the books by Lauren Child, and author of fun picture books like the Colin the cat series (published in Catalan and Spanish by Coco Books).

Children will also be able to leaf through books and read them, and those who bring a book they've already read will even be able to change it for a new one at the book exchange!


Institut de Cultura de Barcelona
With the collaboration of
Centre de Cultura Contemporŕnia de Barcelona, MACBA, Consorci de Biblioteques de Barcelona
Other credits:

Sponsored by:
Caja Madrid
El Periódico - ComRàdio - Quéleer