Sunday 24 June, 18:00

Miklós Ács

Armed with his condition of brilliant amateur, Ács creates a portrait of life in Bucharest in the summer of 1987. A raw product of intimacy revealed in which the personal and the social are inseparable. The drought in the country at the time is represented by the particular way the characters portrayed devise to go to the bathroom. The film portrays, and at the same time undoes, his relationship with his partner. This is a hybrid experiment between documentary, diary and collage in which Ács seeks to develop a theory of punk in Hungary, its origins, its music and its attitudes, at the same time contributing this film to the movement.

Sön és Grósz (Nice & Big), Miklós Ács, 1985, 85', 16 mm


Centre de Cultura Contemporània de Barcelona
With the collaboration of
Revista Butxaca