Sunday 22 October, 17:00

Michel Onfray

For a Theory of Hedonism

The French philosopher explains here the keys to the theory of hedonism that he proposes.


In the seminars that he teaches at the Popular University of Caen, but also in his essays, Michel Onfray defends a hedonist ethic (La sculpture de soi, 1993), a solar eroticism (Theorie du corps amoreux: pour une érotique solaire, 2000), libertarian politics (Politique du rebelle, 1997), a technophile epistemology (Féeries anatomiques, 2004), a cynical aesthetic (Archéologie du présent, 2003), and an alternative historiography (Contre histoire de la philosophie) and pedagogy (Antimanual Philosophy, 2001), based on the ontology of a post-modern atheism (Atheist Manifesto, 2005).