Thursday 11 March, 20:00

Merciless Diaries. The Ĺ60s: male

Joe Glazer, a psychoanalyst in New York, separates from his pregnant wife. He rents a studio flat and sets up a camera to film his wild sex life and forget the pain of the break-up. At first, he thinks he is in control of the situation, manipulating the fragility and the needs of a series of women: patients, neighbours, lovers, women passing through, one-night stands… But gradually he descends into sexual decadence and psychological degradation. Coming Apart is a brilliant yet unknown film that foretells the end of the hippy era and constitutes a tragicomic examination of the counter-utopia of the 60s, a missing link between Luke Rhinehart (author of The Dice Man), John Cassavetes and Shirley Clark.

Coming Apart, Milton Moses Ginsberg. USA, 1969, 35 mm, 111 min.





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