Sunday 27 January, 18:30

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Invisible Cinema

A session dedicated to the work of David Reznak, author and cultural activist. His commitment does not end with the construction of his filmography, but reaffirms him as the person responsible for the already mythical independent hall in Madrid "La Enana Marrón" since 1999.

The four works shown bring forward many of the formal characteristics of the way he is and the way he understands life, and his own personal style of production and direction. His first long film documentary, La Osa mayor menos dos, has received awards at different festivals.

A escala del hombre, David Reznak, Spain, 1992. 10', 16 mm
Al por mayor, David Reznak, Spain, 1994. 6', 16 mm
El pueblo protagonista y espectador, David Reznak, Spain, 1995. 30', 16 mm
Como anochece amanece, David Reznak, Spain, 1996. 10', 16 mm

With David Reznak.



Centre de Cultura Contemporània de Barcelona
With the collaboration of
Revista Butxaca, Maumaubarcelona.com