14 January at 7p.m. 15 January at 6p.m.

Kill them all!

Rwanda: the story of an ‘unimportant' genocide

‘Tuez-les tous!' Rwanda: histoire d'un génocide ‘sans importance'This exceptional documentary looks at the implacable mechanism of a tragedy. Research, historical perspective and never-before-seen interviews combine with the appalling yet dignified testimonies of the survivors.

One million Rwandese, Tutsis and moderate Hutus, were exterminated by the Hutus between April and July 1994 in this small country in East Africa, a former Belgian colony. The cause - a race-based social division between the Hutu majority and the Tutsi minority.

‘1000 Hills Radio' broadcasting calls to kill, the logic of ‘mirror propaganda' (get them before they get you), ‘Hutu power', the attempt on the life of President Habyarimana, the recognition of the provisional government, the inertia of the West, the fact that the US did not want the UN to speak of ‘genocide', France's Operation Turquoise that allowed the Hutu army's orderly withdrawal into Zaire...

Length: 100min

Friday 14 January: the presence of the directors, Raphael Glucksmann, David Hazan and Pierre Mezerette, and Annick Kayitesi, victim of the genocide


Produced by
Dum Dum films, La Classe Américaine, Télé images international