Sunday 27 January, 18:30

Luc Moullet. Documentary comedies

Though one of the lesser known exponents, Luc Moullet was part of the Nouvelle Vague as a critic and filmmaker. The common denominator of his extensive filmography, combining and often mixing documentary and fiction, is comedy: a value that transgresses the conventions of genre and discourse, and a method for observing society from the viewpoint of the absurd. The films chosen for this session offer an overview of his favourite themes: geography and urbanism, culture and consumption.

Essai d’ouverture, 1988, 15 min; Barres, 1985, 14 min; La cabale des oursins, 1991, 17 min; Foix, 1994, 13 min; La valse des médias, 1987, 26 min [video screening].