Friday 06 June, 10:00

Loop Studies Lab: How to imagine new leadership models in cultural production and programming

This laboratory aims to create debate about management models, leadership profiles, difficulties that emerge the programming process, selection criteria, cooperation in working teams, networking and the elements involved in the construction of professional reputation. 

To promote in-depth debate, the seminar is organized in the form of an ideas lab or think tank that serves to map the diversity of existing models and their pros and cons, as well as upcoming trends in organization. Drawing on the experience of each of the guests, we will be discussing models of production and programming based on a series of questions facilitated by two experienced professionals: David Márquez and Pep Salazar. Taking part alongside the guest directors, curators and heads of projects will be professionals and students of cultural management and production. Their questions will bring a broader, documented approach to the think tank.


Lluís Bonet, Curator ofLoop Studies Lab - Director of the Cultural Management Programme (UB)

Aura Seikkula,freelance curator and researcher

Geraldine Gomez,founder of Hors Pistes, Paris

Franck Bauchard,Director of La Panacée,Montpellier

Ilga Minjon,Curator | Head of PR at Impakt,Utrecht

Valentijn Byvanck, Director of Marres,Maastricht

Jorge Fernández de León, Director of programmes at the Municipal Culture Foundation, Gijón Council

Cristina Salvador, Director of aPortada

Juan Pedregosa, Head of International Projects at Trànsit Projectes


10:00   Presentation of documents

10:30   Welcome

10:50   Presentation of participants and the day’s methodology

11:10   1st session

13:30   Break for lunch

15:00   2nd session

17:00   Conclusions

17:30   Close


Loop Barcelona, Universitat de Barcelona. Cultural Management Programme
With the collaboration of
Centre de Cultura ContemporÓnia de Barcelona