Sunday 26 January, 18:30

Lois Patiño

“Be still and observe how the world moves”,wrote the Galician poet Carlos Oroza in Cabalum. This verse takes us into the world of Lois Patiño. Sitting before his work, immobile like his camera, is a contemplative experience that submerges the observer into zero time, a suspended time where the physicality of the landscape is metamorphosed into something mystical and sensory. The movements of the emotional state of the observer merge, as in Romantic landscape painting, with those of nature, which looks quietly back at us.

Paisaje-Duración. Carretera, 2012, 5 min; Na vibración, 2011, 12 min; En el movimiento del paisaje, 2012, 9 min; Paisaje-Distancia. Campo de fútbol, 2010, 1 min; Paisaje-Duración. Rocas, 2011, 5 min; Montaña en sombra, 2012, 14 min; La imagen arde, 2013, 30 min. [Video screening]