Wednesday 13 November, 19:30h

Lecture by Moisés Naím

Who's in charge? The mutations of contemporary power

Power is changing. It is increasingly easy to achieve but also more difficult to keep and wield. This is the thesis of the economic and political analyst Moisés Naím, a front-row observer of the world’s centres of power. Naím believes that the great traditional power-holders, for example governments, armies, companies and trade unions, are now confronted with new and surprising rivals, some of them much smaller in terms of dimensions and resources. In Naím’s view, power is not only changing hands but it is also losing effectiveness and this will radically transform the world in which we live. On this occasion of the publication of his most recent book El fin del poder (The End of Power, Debate, 2013), Moisés Naím will discuss these issues with the journalist Antoni Bassas and explain what has brought about these changes and what consequences can be expected.


Centre de Cultura Contemporània de Barcelona
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