Friday 15 March, 12:30

Joan Subirats, Rubén Martínez

Communities for Online Creation and New Enterprises - BookCamp talk

The processes of creation, management and dissemination of digital resources that currently take place online are enabling the appearance of communities that create their own contexts for consuming. These communities for online creation function with different kinds of incentives that are often not marked by monetary logic. They produce resources, use open infrastructures and connect with the public and private spheres, creating a context where money is undoubtedly an important element but not central for their sustainability. Under this “productive ecology” there are business experiences emerging on a greater or smaller scale, whose sustainability is marked by the existence of these assets with a community basis. In our presentation, we want to pinpoint some important aspects that mark the sustainability both of these communities for creation and of enterprises and the possible keys and the challenges of these new economic spaces.

Presentation based on the research paper: “Emerging models of sustainability of audiovisual contents in the digital era” by Joan Subirats, Rubén Martínez, Mayo Fuster and Marco Berlinguer. Available online: http://www.cac.cat/pfw_files/cma/recerca/estudis_recerca/Sostenibilitat_continguts_av_en_era_digital.pdf