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JFK seen by direct cinema

In 1960, Robert Drew filmed Kennedy's rise and victory in the Primaries using a revolutionary method: he gathered a group of exceptional cameramen (Pennebaker, Leacock, Albert Msyles), provided them with light cameras and asked them to film without taking part in the events. This meant the emergence of direct cinema and a new era in the shooting of politics. Drew made two more films about JFK: in Crisis -the only film that shows the personal life of an American president during a crisis- he portrayed John and his brother Bobby during a racial riot, while Faces of November deals with his death. Primary,

Robert Drew. USA, 1960, 60 min, 16 mm
Crisis: Behind a Presidential Commitment, Robert Drew. USA, 1963, 52 min, 16 mm
Faces of November, Robert Drew. USA, 1963, 12 min, 16 mm


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