Jasmina Tesanovic

Baghdad / Belgrade: A Correspondence

The letter-writing relationship between Nuha Al-Radi and Jasmina Tesanovic began in January 2000 when Nuha read Jasmina's diary of the war published in Granta (four years latter she would publish her own diary in the same magazine).


The correspondence between the two writers, one Iraqi and Moslem, the other Serbian and Christian, began with the following words of Jasmina's: "We ought, on the face of things, to be enemies." From then on their correspondence reflects the search for all the things they have in common.

Nuha Al-Radi and Jasmina Tesanovic had to think about their experiences, in live for the first time in Kosmopolis 04, accompanied by the music of Miroslav Mipi Savic. Unfortunately, Nuha Al-Radi died last August 31, 2004. Jasmina Tesanovic is in K04 to honour her Iraqi colleague.