Thursday 04 December, 20:00h

Prisons Footage. Harun Farocki

Harun Farocky elaborates a lucid yet disturbing essay about the "control" watching by means of footage from USA maximum security prisons surveillance cameras -which include the death of a prisoner in a fight- and other materials and film fragments (scenes by Genet, Bresson and from Nazi documentaries). In his latest film, Respite, he uses a Nazi propaganda film shot -by order of the commander- by a prisoner in a transit camp, who was subsequently deported and killed; another concise and appalling analysis of found footage.

Gefängnisbilder, Harun Farocki. Germany, 2000, 60 min, video, OVSS (original version Spanish subtitles)
Respite, Harun Farocki. Germany, 2007, 30 min, video, OVSS


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