Thursday 24 March, 20:30

Ian McEwan and Jorge Wagensberg

Anticipating and creating

Most novels mention, in their first sentence, space, time or both things at the same time.  And, strangely enough time (“el tiempo”) is mentioned in one of the two meanings in Spanish: the parameter that we use to measure the speed of change or the weather as an allusion to the climate. And, when these quotes do not occur, this gives the impression that the author is acutely aware of the rules and that he explicitly wishes to avoid them. Is this only a fancy concerning the anxiety of both, the author and the reader, to set out and focus things correctly from the start? Is it a first attack against the forces of uncertainty? The brain is an organ that has emerged in evolution to anticipate. It is an organ essential for controlling mobility and to ensure survival. However, it has found many other functions along the way, and creativity is perhaps the most important...

Ian McEwan speaks about "Solar"