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Human universals

Those who seek self-knowledge have always had to question what characteristics are common to all human beings. To what extent can we talk about human nature? At what point do we have to recognise the influence of culture? In spite of the prejudices of gender, race and social status that have prevailed in the majority of cultures throughout history, the ideal of a single humanity has always existed in philosophy and religion. Nevertheless, during the 20th Century, with the breakdown of traditional value systems, the relativists approach prevailed in the social sciences. However, recent discoveries in genetics, cognitive psychology, linguistics and anthropology have reopened the issue of human universals, from a multidisciplinary perspective that rejects the transcendent vision of human nature in favour of a humanist vision based on the latest scientific breakthroughs.


June 29
92 Archetypes to Define the World, by Peter Greenaway CANCELLED

July 6

The Need for Metaphor, by Zoltán Kövecses

July 13
Punishment and Social Exclusion: Forms of Power, by Miguel Morey

July 20
The Construction of the Symbol, by Philippe Walter


Zoltán Kövecses, Miguel Morey, Philippe Walter

Directed by:
Gisela Llobet, B.A. in Philosophy and author of El pianista que fuma (Castelló, 2008) and Enric Puig, PhD in Philosophy and Theory of Contemporary Art and essay-filmmaker.
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