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Hipnotik Festival 2013

10 years representing Hip Hop culture

In the same spirit but bigger and better than ever, Spain’s benchmark hip hop festival is celebrating its tenth anniversary (video) with a very promising line-up that combines music, battles, emceeing, breaking, urban art and solidarity in the various spaces at the CCCB.

This year, the concerts showcase names like Mala Juntera or, what amounts to the same, Zatu, Hazhe, Capaz and Acción Sánchez. For the first time in Barcelona, they’ll be presenting Cracks, an album packed with true hip hop.

Duo Kie, made up of MCs Locus and Nerviozzo, one of the most emblematic groups on the Spanish scene, will also be presenting its latest work, Inferno. El Chojin gives us his latest I.R.A., Nasta presents Guetto Quorum and Tribute Corp debuts with Tribute Resurrection. El Santo and Tosko also premiere Algo personal and Rayden will be there with his album Mosaico.

From the underground scene, Suite Soprano, MDE Click, Cheb Rubën, Dual and Kaim, Mi.amargo, and Niño Trapani are the guests at this event comprising over 13 hours of urban culture.

As ever, as well as the concerts, there will be contests of MCs from all over Spain, coming together in the Hipnotik MC Battle. Then the Hipnotik Battle of Bands is a prime opportunity for new groups to make a name for themselves, while T3 teams up MCs to decide who comes up with the best rhymes and improvisations. Hip-hop dance battles once again top the bill with more than eight styles, such as popping, locking and house.

The festival also includes urban art with the Wacom, a digital design contest, and the Murs Lliures project, which sets out to free up spaces in Barcelona for street art. The Stree2lab design lab presents its Streetto project, a collection of temporary tattoos, and Secret Walls, the UK’s well-known live art battle, meets in Barcelona for the first time.

The more social side of the festival centres on support for the Banc dels Aliments. Together with DJs contra la Fam, the food bank will be asking visitors to Hipnotik to collaborate by contribute foodstuffs. L’amor no és la Hòstia is the other social proposal, a project presented by Associació Brainstorming to combat gender-based violence.

Don’t miss this tenth outing of Hipnotik—no lover of hip hop and urban culture can afford to miss it!


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Hipnotik Faktory
Other credits:

Directed by: Marta Torras and Salvador Torras

Organized by: Hipnotik Festival S.L.

With the participation of: CCCB, Barcelona City Council, Culture Department of the Generalitat de Catalunya Catalan Government

With the collaboration of: CCCB, MTV and Barcelona City Council

Produced by: Hipnotik Faktory S.L.

Sponsored by: Estrella Damm and Hercules