Hipnotik Festival 2011

A new era begins

Hipnotik reaches its eighth edition determined, as every other year, to convert the CCCB into the cultural capital of Hip-hop, or in other words: Rap, Break, Djs and Graffiti.

Hipnotik 2011 will be based on participation. The festival aims to be the meeting point for all hip-hop culture, going beyond the traditional festival. For this reason, the meeting will give different options to all those who want to join in by participating in one of the many activities open to the public such as workshops, Mc’s battles, break dancing (Crew to crew, Playground Hipnotik) and graffiti competitions.

Hipnotik aims to demonstrate once more that hip-hop culture goes beyond the usual topics.


Produced by
Hipnotik Faktory
With the collaboration of
Centre de Cultura ContemporÓnia de Barcelona