From 5 pm to 10 pm

Habitaciˇ 1418

źSummer hit and video clip recording II╗ with Anamor

We all know perfect chords aren’t necessary to be a star with this summer’s hit—perhaps some good lyrics with a bit of pum pum and bam bam is enough...

This workshop explores and plays with free musical composition. A vocoder, tropical sounds and a couple more formulas can shoot you to the top. Anamor is the ideal guest to help us in this task.

In session two, having composed and edited our song, the next step is the chroma and the experience of making the video. To make our video clips, we’ll be using a fresh, easy but very effective method. We’d all like to fly like Superman or pop up on the beach without actually being there while we move to the rhythm of the latest summer hit.