Sunday 12 October, 19:30

Gnawa Grossroads

13th World Music Festival

nawa Moroccan music is a music of crossroads, a point where the Arab Africa of the north and the black Sub-Saharan Africa meet, which gives rise to the group that is accompanying us tonight, Gnawa Crossroads, but which takes mixing to its most daring limits, as it includes rhythms and sounds from other cultures, those of the countries of origin of each of the members of the group. And so the powerful, incisive voice of Hamid El Kasri, one of the most important gnawa masters in Morocco, joins with the colourful percussion of the balàfon beaten by Aly Keïta from Ivory Coast, and the drum of the Algerian Kalim Ziad, while the syncopated rhythms of the bass player Reno Steba from the island of Aruba and well versed in the world of Latin jazz and blends, intertwine with the arpeggios of the guitarist from Surinam Andro Biswane. As an essential complement to all this, the brilliant Cuban pianist Ramón Valle shows an incredible technique to bring in seductive jazz touches and subtle Latin flairs.


Hamid El Kasri, guembri and main voice
Aly Keïta, balafon
Karim Ziad, drums
Ramon Valle, piano
Andro Biswane, guitar
Reno Steba, bass
Abdelghafour Ouahbi, Mohamed Errougui, Fattah Chaouki and Wahid Boudjeltia, choirs and garagab (large metal castanets)

The Present Continuous, The Electromagnetic Spectrum, Open Science, Psi Particle, Art Now, Eco Factor, Emerging Culture, Cybersphere, New Activism
13th World Music Festival


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