On fashions and identities

In an attempt to answer these questions, a programme of lectures and round tables has been designed, with the presence of writer and journalist Vicente Verdú, and writer and fashion analyst Margarita Rivière; films and documentaries, with the premiere in Spain of the documentar 'Sneakers' about this type of footwear, and artistic installations that will acquire meaning during the festival with public participation. All this, plus two performance catwalks and an exhibition of paintings about contemporary fashion icons.



Thursday 3 November

8 p.m. Foyer
Opening of Ganga-à-porter: permanent installations

9 p.m. Foyer
Opening catwalk

10 p.m. Foyer
DJ Neet + Bar

* * * * * *

Friday 4 November

11 a.m. Foyer
Permanent installations

6 p.m. Foyer
Lecture: ‘Urban subcultures. Exercises in style or lifestyle alternatives?'
Mireia González

7.30 p.m. Foyer
Round table: ‘The fashion industry: an identity factory'
Margarita Rivière, Salvador Giner and Anna Sabater.

9 p.m. Auditorium
Lecture: 'Imitating the stars. The power of fashion in the cinema'
Marta Camps and Gabi Azkoitia

10.30 p.m. Auditorium
Screening: Kamikaze girls. Nakashima Tetsuya

* * * * * *

Saturday 5 November

11 a.m. Foyer
Permanent installations

4 p.m. Auditorium
Screening: Notebooks on cities and clothes. Wim Wenders

5.30 p.m. Auditorium
Screening: The Swenkas. Jeppe Ronde

6.30 p.m. Foyer
Lecture: ‘Fashion in fictional capitalism'
Vicente Verdú

8 p.m. Foyer
Lecture: 'Fashion now. Picking up trends'
Jaume Vidiella

9.30 p.m. Auditorium
Screening: Sneakers. Femke Wolting

10.30 p.m. Foyer
Closing catwalk


Tics Culturals
With the collaboration of
Taller de Ideas, Baco Produccions, Época, Costuras Escénicas, Goethe-Institut Barcelona, Mentlab, Salvador Agència de Models, Gèmini, Postalfree, C3Bar, Esvinilo, Gustavo Adolfo Tarí
Centre de Cultura Contemporània de Barcelona, Generalitat de Catalunya (Catalan Regional Government)
La peca de Lupe
Flaix FM, Monocläb