Thursday 23 October, 19h

Off programme

475: Break the Silence

This session forms part of the 22nd Barcelona International Women’s Film Festival 2014:

475: Trêve de silence by Hind Bensari is an excellent documentary about the impunity of rapists in Morocco. Protected by article 475, they are able to marry their victim to avoid prosecution. (This law is currently proposed for reform.)

After the scandal caused by the case of Amina Filai, a young woman of 16 who, to protect family honour, was forced by her family and a judge to marry the man accused of raping her and committed suicide seven months later, the filmmaker conducts personal research into the situation of women in Morocco.

This documentary is an invitation to thoroughly explore our perception of sex, rape and the way it is considered by legislation in different countries. These issues will be addressed after the screening in a debate with the documentary maker. 


- Screening "475: Trêve de silence", Hind Bensari, Morocco, 2014, 46', Spanish subtitles

- Debate with Hind Bensari, Montserrat Fernández Garrido (lawyer, family mediator, lecturer on the UB master’s degree in Family Law and member of the Asociación de Mujeres Juristas) and Marta Selva (co-director of the Barcelona International Women’s Film Festival).