Wednesday 21 March, 21:00

Magdalena Festival Connected Pieces

Las sin Tierra

In the framework of the Magdalena Festival Connected Pieces, the international festival for women creators, the CCCB presents Las sin Tierra, by Nomad Theatre, directed by Jill Greenhalgh, founder of the Magdalena Project. This production is a clear exponent of the search for a new dramatic language on the cutting edge of contemporary theatre, based on collaboration between international creators.


The Festival is being held in Spain for the first time, and showcases artistic proposals from different countries that will be hosted by different venues in the city of Barcelona. It will include shows, performances, workshops, demonstrations, video installations, and a whole host of accompanying activities, such as lectures, presentations and round tables on the theme of creation and stage research.


Güima, CCDF Bonnemaison, The Magdalena Project, Instituto de la Mujer
With the collaboration of
SGAE, Casa Asia, Ateneu Barcelončs, Casal del Metge, Centre de Cultura Contemporānia de Barcelona, British Council, UOC, Casa Amčrica Catalunya, Biblioteca Francesca Bonnemaison, La Caldera, ARTEZ
Departament de Cultura i Mitjans de Comunicaciķ de la Generalitat de Catalunya, , Institut de Cultura de Barcelona, Diputaciķ de Barcelona - Xarxa de Biblioteques
Tupinamba, Miriam Cernuda JOYAS, Carlota's, AAV Rent a Car
Other credits:
Organizers: Güima in collaboration with the CCDF Bonnemaison, The Magdalena Project and the Instituto de la Mujer.

With the support of: Department of Culture and Media of the Generalitat de Catalunya, Institut Català de les Dones (Generalitat de Catalunya), ICUB-Ajuntament de Barcelona and Diputació de Barcelona.

Collaborators: Sgae, Casa Asia, Ateneu Barcelonès, Casal del Metge, CCCB, British Council, UOC, Casa Amèrica a Catalunya, Biblioteca Francesca Bonnemaison, La Caldera and ARTEZ magazine.

Sponsors: Tupinamba, Miriam Cernuda JOYAS, Carlota's and AAV Rent a Car.