19h. There will be a performance every 15 minutes. Last performance at 20.15h

Fantasy and Fugue for Tsushima

Sebald Theatre

It is now 110 years since the battle off the Korean coast that brought victory to Japan during the long Russo-Japanese war.

Fantasy and Fugue for Tsushima is a tribute to this day-long battle (from 27th to 28th May). Fito Conesas musical composition follows the timeline of this unique naval struggle, and incorporates its strategies and facts and figures. A subjective translation into musical language.

The string trio "riio Inmusics"(cello, viola and violin ) will perform the work for the first time and bring to life the characters from this moment in history which, although largely overlooked by the west, marked the end of a conflict that brought to light egos, empathies and disagreements: the staged naval battle of a whisper.


Fito Conesa

Performers: Trio "riio Inmusics"

Sabela Cascón, violin
Roderic De Roeck, viola
Antonia Parapar, cello

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