Friday 21 April, 19:30

Civil society’s role in the ecological crisis

Paul Toyne

NOW brings on board the ecological debate, placing the accent on systemic approaches that show the complex inter-dependency between all the living systems, favouring ideas, projects and actions that try to overcome nihilist and catastrophist stances.


Climate change and the energy crisis require new approaches that not only involve a commitment from governments and enterprise, but demand intense participation by civil society. What are the keys to this participation? Where are the levels of responsibility regarding the ecological crisis? What can national and regional governments do better? How should enterprise change? Paul Toyne, one of the leading British environmentalists, tries to respond to these crucial questions in an open dialogue with the audience.
Lluís Reales
Paul Toyne
Eco Factor
Space at the CCCB

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Space at the CCCB


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Date: April 21-22, 2008

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