Thursday 16th, 4 pm.
Saturday 18th, 2.30 pm.
Sunday 19th, 6.30 pm.


John Brockman, 1999-2003, USA, 90, OVSS

Kosmopolis 04 offers an exclusive showing of the principal videos made by the Edge foundation, created by writer and editor John Brockman to activate a third culture led by scientists who take the role of the traditional intellectuals.


Included are conversations with Paul Davies, Daniel C. Dennett, Jared Diamond, Freeman Dyson, Murray Gell-Mann, Alan, Ken Kessey, Ray Kurzweil, Jaron Lanier, Jaron Lanier, Dennis Overbye, Irene Pepperberg, Steven Pinker, Jordan Pollack, Lisa Randall and Martin Rees.