Thursday 17 January, 20:00

Dressing for pleasure

Julien Temple offered segments of the film Dressing for Pleasure in the Sex Pistols’ documentary The Filth and the Fury (2000). Four years later, designer Vivienne Westwood, the mother of punk style, ran the entire film on a continuous loop at the London retrospective of her career. Only then was the first recognition expressed of the work of John Samson, a forgotten filmmaker who influenced the British punk aesthetic of the seventies and eighties. He has often been considered the European Kenneth Anger, which is why we present the work of the two in a single session for the first time. Scorpio Rising is a fundamental work in American underground cinema that continues to fascinate contemporary creators. To top it off, we retrieve the recreation of Scorpio Rising that video clip artist Luis Cerveró made for the CCCB to publicise the exhibition “That’s Not Entertainment! Film Begets Film”.

Scorpio Rising, Kenneth Anger, 1963, 16 mm, 29 min; Dressing for Pleasure, John Samson, 1977, 25 min; Tattoo, J. Samson, 1975, 20 min. Xcèntric. That’s Not Entertainment, Luis Cerveró, 2007, 35 mm, 1 min 30 s.