Thursday 26 April, 19:30

Does Greece have a future?

Debate at the CCCB

Battered by the economic crisis and subject to implacable austerity policies imposed by the European authorities and the IMF, Greece is presently in an extremely difficult situation. The outlook is grim for citizens who are daily witnessing the dismantling of essential public services and suffering the effects of a sharp drop in their purchasing power. Meanwhile, Greek democratic institutions and the country’s political class have fallen into serious disrepute and massive demonstrations are convulsing the whole country. Opinions as to the causes of the crisis and how to come through it are contradictory. Some people believe that Greece has become a testing ground for financial neo-colonialism, others that the austerity measures will only lead to even more serious recession, while still others disagree and see them as the only way to overcome the crisis. What will the situation be after the elections of 6 May? What does the future hold for Greece? And for us?

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