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Direct Cinema. Portraits

Thanks to the lightweight equipment in the sixties, the American direct cinema filmed live portraits and impressions of a new era in the United States, leaving aside the image created by fiction. The Maysles brothers were pioneers in this tradition, filming cinema stars, icons of sport or music, seeking empathy with the artists in making their own portraits. Their mastery of style -«Albert Maysles is the best American camera» (Goddard)- characterises their series of film-portraits: a portrait of Orson Welles (who personally invited Albert Maysles to Madrid) talking about the state of cinema, direction and bullfighting; a sarcastic Marlon Brando facing the press; the early times of the IBM corporation, and the confrontation of two legends of boxing, Muhammad Ali and Larry Holmes.

Meet Marlon Brando, Albert Maysles, David Maysles and Charlotte Zwerin. United States, 1966, 29 min, 16 mm
Orson Welles in Spain, Albert and David Maysles. United States, 1966, 10 min, 16 mm
IBM: A Self-Portrait, Albert and David Maysles. United States, 1964, 35 min, 16 mm
Horowitz plays Mozart, Albert i David Maysles. United States, 1987, 50 min


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