From 10.30 a.m. to 8 p.m.

Design and creation of spaces

Master's degree (2nd edition)

This is the second edition on Design and Creation of Spaces organized by the UPC School and the Centre de Cultura Contemporània de Barcelona.

Space is not one-sided. Everyone has their own concept of space, whether it is inside or outside, living spaces or space used for exhibitions. It is clear that for each of these processes you need a different mentality and a set of basic tools in order to gain an understanding of an empty space and the way to fill or not to fill it. Spaces are places where people do all kinds of activities, from the most private areas like living spaces to collective and participative spaces such as exhibition spaces. These can be enclosed spaces like museums or galleries or they can be part of urban or landscaping contexts.

The Master's in Design and Creation of Spaces brings different professional issues together and is built upon the basis of two different postgraduate courses. On the one hand there is the Interior Design postgraduate course that deals with the professional aspects of interior design, an area of illustrious tradition here in Barcelona that is truly one of a kind. This course seeks to fill a void in the educational offerings in this area that, until now, have not been available. On the other hand the postgraduate course Exhibition Space seeks to work with space as meeting point between people and culture within the framework of creative museography. By taking these postgraduate coursesyou can earn this Master's Degree in Design and Creation of Spaces.

This postgraduate course is designed by three directors presenting complementary viewpoints: The Architectural Viewpoint, represented by Arnaldo Basadonna, architect and lecturer; The Structural Viewpoint, represented by Mario Corea, engineer and member of the CCCB's in-house montage team, and The Artistic Viewpoint, presented by Paco Pérez Valencia, painter, museographer and Director of Espacio Escala (Col·leccio Cajasol).