Saturday 16 March, 22:30

David Carabén

This is not a love song - concert

Il n'y a pas d'amour heureux, by Georges Brassens, was the inspiration from which David Carabén composed the tracks on the last disc by Mishima, L’amor feliç.  Songs that can be described by the word “daydreaming” because they refer us to those yearnings, dreams, memories or passions sparked by love and that explore the historical and geographic coincidence between the origin of the popular song and the origin of romantic love. For this exclusive performance for Kosmopolis, Carabén turns this idea around and proposes a repertoire of songs that, quite clearly, do not reproduce any kind of feeling born of the heart: they are tracks such as Why Do the Wrong People Travel?, by Noel Coward; Vegetables, by The Beach Boys; Mammals, by They Might Be Giants; Le poinçonneur des lilas, by Serge Gainsbourg, and This Is Not a Love Song, by PIL, the song that gives its title to the performance.