Friday 24 October, 18:30

Dave Eggers

826 National

Dave Eggers is a writer, publisher and founder of 826 National, a non-profit-making organisation with different offices around the United States that aims to introduce children aged between six and eighteen to literature and to nurture reading skills. The network endeavours to cover the lacunae in the education of these young people, offering individual attention and a series of free-of-charge activities with out-of-school programmes, excursions and writing workshops. With the help of these pupils and the voluntary tutors - among them some well-known writers - Eggers publishes, on an annual basis, The Best American Non Required Reading, an eclectic collection of stories, comic strips, reports and humorous pieces that do not fall within the bounds of the accepted canons.

Dave Eggers will speak of his firm commitment to the daily work of schools and teachers, and of his main goal: to reduce learning difficulties among students and to involve them in reading and writing so as to improve their comprehension and stimulate their creativity.

Accepting his 2008 TED Prize, author Dave Eggers asks the TED community to personally, creatively engage with local public schools.