Saturday 25 October, 18:00

Daniel García Andújar

e-landscapes. A New Tool for descriptive Narration

Landscape, as representation, is a construction of the imagination that gradually shapes a memory in ceaseless mutation. Deciphering it has been one of the most recurrent expressive resorts in our literature. Producing an inventory of our reality has been a literary task of certain historical tendency that has embraced domains ranging from the geographic inventory through to the chronicle, by way of an intense travel literature that has enabled us to approach landscape as a great rhetorical figure in all its multiple and varied aspects: epic, utopian illusory, fantastic or urban. There can be no doubt that landscape continues to have a powerful rhetorical presence for any good narrator.

The basic aim of the workshop is to establish a close-knit interchange among participants that will, through practice, make it possible to understand new transformational processes of our reality. enables us to generate a real infrastructure for our jobs/work job by means of information and communication technologies and to present the literary community with new concepts derived from the recent introduction of new technologies, the appearance of Internet and the extensive use of computers and electronic devices in our daily lives and customary jobs/work.

Interview to Daniel García Andújar - Medellín, 2007.