Monday 30 May, 19:00h

Culture and Presence in the World: From Exportation to Cooperation

The cultural projection of a territory has hitherto been based mainly on exported products and the circulation of professionals and artists abroad. In a world where an exponential increase in the flow of people, customs and ideas is now one of the main characteristics of our times, it has become necessary to ask ourselves whether the classical strategies of exportation are still the most effective.


Mere exporting is too limited for this new reality. It is now increasingly important for any territory to be a significant nodule in multiple networks. A city or a country is more or less significant in the cultural domain as a result its production capacity but, above all, in its ability to catalyse global cultural processes and in the skills of its agents in playing the nodular role in cultural networks, whether they be public or commercial.

Nowadays, what is at stake is international cooperation, the fact of being able to establish solid alliances between agents and territories of different geographies, rather than the simple act of placing cultural messages or productions in other latitudes. This seminar aims to reflect upon the most useful strategies that should be developed for Spain's participation in today's world, taking into account both the new logic of the present context and the specific characteristics of this country.

Monday 30 May at 7 p.m.

Inaugural Lecture: "The Contemporary Cultural Context"

Néstor García Canclini, Research Professor in the Department of Anthropology at the National Autonomous University of Mexico.

Tuesday 31 May at 7 p.m.

"Cooperation in the Framework of Cultural Diversity"

José Maria Ridao
, the Spanish Government's ambassador to UNESCO Mary.
Ann Newman, Institutional Coordinator of the Ramon Llull Institute.
Jaume Vallcorba, publisher and founder of Quaderns Crema and Editorial Acantilado.

Moderator: Carlos Alberdi, Director General of Cooperation and Cultural Communication at the Ministry of Culture.

Wednesday 1 June, at 7 p.m.

"Cultural Cooperation in Spain: Challenges and Strategies"

José Guirao, Director of La Casa Encendida Cultural Centre, Madrid.
Artur Serra, anthropologist and expert in second-generation Internet.
Eva Almunia, Minister for Education, Culture and Sports in the Government of Aragon.

Moderator: Josep Ramoneda, director of the CCCB.