Friday 27 July, 21:00

Concert: “Remembering Piazzola”

Tango for two and four hands

If Carlos Gardel was the pioneer of tango, Astor Piazzola might be said to have changed the history of the genre forever. With his own particular style, he updated the melody and set it to dialogue in perfect harmony with other rhythms.

In the month of the 20th anniversary of his death, the city of Barcelona pays tribute to the man. The programme includes some of his foremost pieces, today part of the history of tango.


“My passion for this music prompted me to throw myself into a new type of research, which, with time, brought together a series of the great Astor’s works with different variations.

On the way, we were fortunate to find major duets for piano marvellously arranged by Saul Cosentino, a contemporary Argentine composer who, in his compositional work, had the brilliant idea of writing and adapting some of Piazzola’s pieces to this form.

The oeuvre of Astor Piazzola delights audiences all over the world and is played by the greatest performers, particularly young musicians who, in Piazzola’s language, discover an exciting, original mix of tango, jazz and classical music, an emotion not always found in the music of our times.”

Hugo Aisemberg