Thursday 06 November, 19:00

China. Perspectives on the transformation of an empire

With a population that accounts for more than one fifth of humanity and an extension similar to that of Europe, China is presently undergoing deep and accelerated change that affects much more than its urban landscape. The spheres of the economy, politics, society, communication and culture are all immersed in it as well, one way or another. The aim of this cycle is to approach, from complementary perspectives, the complexity of China today, in this process which is so full of contrasts and paradoxes.


Thursday 6 November

Between Euphoria and Desolation. Architecture and Urban Planning in China Today

Lecture by FRÉDÉRIC EDELMAN, architecture critic for Le Monde and director of the exhibition "In the Chinese City. Perspectives on the Transformation of an Empire".

Thursday 13 November

The New Empire of the Centre. Evolution and Prospects of the Chinese Economy

Lecture by ALFREDO PASTOR, lecturer in Economics at the IESE Business School.

Thursday 20 November

The Laogai: the Persistence of Forced Labour and Re-education in Present-day China

Lecture by HARRY WU, who was in a laogai ("reform through labour") prison for 19 years. He is presently director of the Laogai Research Foundation.

Thursday 27 November

Networks, Mirages and Spaces. New Forms of Chinese Popular Culture

Panel discussion with MANEL OLLÉ, lecturer in Chinese History at the Pompeu Fabra University, CARLES PRADO, lecturer in Chinese Literature at the Open University of Catalonia and JAVIER CASTAÑEDA, director of Casa Asia Virtual.