8 p.m.
Screening of the film, attended by the director and actors.


Premiere of the film Catarsis, directed by Angel Fernández Santos, El Desierto Producciones, 2004, 94', 35 mm, Dolby Digital 5.1
Catarsis is an independently produced drama of experimental fiction. Catarsis experiments with the screenplay in a story told over the seven days of the week, seeking to reflect the lead's creative process in his search for perfect poetry.


The editing, digital calibration, sound design, 3D animation and visual effects vibrate in unison as they move around the spiral that is "Catarsis".

First Spanish film to be released simultaneously in conventional and virtual cinemas by Lacentraldigital.com, the platform behind the worldwide on-line dissemination of this full-length feature.

Catarsis will go on general release in Barcelona on 11 March 2006.