Sunday 17 April, 18:30

Cacaboum! Punk in France (2): avant-punk

Immersion into the past of French provocative underground film, from May 1968 to punk and new wave. In a wild, speeded-up montage of the revolutionary events (O'Leary), a return to the mocking street voice of urban graffiti (Bouyxou) and the presentation of the most shocking taboos, everything goes. The session centres on the collage diary of Lionel Soukaz, IXE, a film banned by Mitterrand’s first Socialist government, a cult piece 30 years later, still raw, aggressive and subversive. Calling all restless, sensitive souls! This session is for you...

Chromo Sud, Etienne O'Leary, França, 1968, video, 21 min;

Graphity, Jean-Pierre Bouyxou, France, 1968-69, 16 mm, 20 min.;

IXE, Lionel Soukaz, France, 1980, 35 mm, 48 min.