From 4pm to 5pm. Space 1

BOOKCAMP SESSION: #twpo and #twna bifestival

The Twittpoetry and Twittnarrative bifestival (or small double festival) aims to use social networks to organize an exhibition, as large as possible, of creativity in short distances. The aim is to prove something that has been occurring for some time: brief or micro formats are beginning to move, and significantly, towards literary creation.

To this end, the hashes #twpo (for poetry) and #twna (for narrative) have been established in such a way that anyone can send or link their short texts at any time (and in any language, on any topic and for any reason) from Twitter. A page in Facebook will be opened in order to permit participation from people who do not use Twitter.

During the Bookcamp encounter, what will be presented will largely depend, therefore, on the aim of the participants of the barcamp, and also others who have followed this initiative on Internet on previous days. On 23rd October, a live project will be carried out on the progress of the #twpo and #twna microtexts, in order to be able to follow the creation as it arrives (together with what has already been compiled).

In parallel, in collaboration with the project PliegOS, during the Bookcamp compiled editions will be published instantly and distributed in small format books. The project PliegOS aims to establish an open platform of publication and downloading of miniature paper books, instantly published and with the DIY (do it yourself) philosophy.

Note: all the microtexts compiled by means of the process described will be published under a copyleft license of Creative Commons Attribution ShareAlike 2.5.