From 4pm to 5pm. Space 4

BOOKCAMP SESSION: Illustrated chidrenís books and new technologies

This session will present, discuss, debate and question current, potential and ideal trends in the symbiosis between the written book and new technologies.


This reflects our desire for Kosmopolis to incorporate a branch of literature that is often found only at the fringes of the major literary festivals: children’s literature, and, especially, illustrated books. The session has two aims: Firstly, to provide an opportunity for a debate on children’s literature within one of the city’s major literary events and, secondly, to consider how new technologies are being adopted and adapted by the producers of illustrated books.

Illustrated books by definition are multi-disciplinary products: They involve not just literature, the written word, but also a range of other arts including illustration in all its forms (pictorial and digital, from photo montages to sculpted forms in paper and other materials such as clothes, recycled objects, etc.), typography, graphic design and the physical structure of the book (paper, layout, binding, etc.) In an illustrated book, especially illustrated albums, every element is there (or should be there) for a reason.

The 21st century brings a new challenge: how to use new features (hypertext, interactivity, augmented reality, etc.) in the context of illustrated books.

Coordination: Sfer