From 5pm to 6.15pm. Space 4

BOOKCAMP SESSION: Atomizing the city

The diffusion of the boundaries between public and private space, the ever growing number of mobile devices, the subversion of the traditional publishing structure and the new forms of learning; are somehow the start point of the project Archinhand. Considering that the main goal of a book is to store and transmit information added to the potential of networked learning, we have imagined that the concept can be expanded and spreaded using this growing intangible infrastructure and new platforms for information exchange.

As being transmitted through a new basis, this information should be structured following a different logic. By thinking the same way, the publishing industry has acted in a predictable way: that is transforming traditional books on e-books (digital versions that can be read on digital devices) complemented, in the best cases, with small ornaments such as videos and sounds. We believe that this is a possible way, but it can be definitely improved. If we think on e-books as a new form of "consuming" books our response will be a set of "new products" with some similar structure. By doing so we are ignoring a whole new landscape that can be useful to spread knowledge.

Coordination: dpr-barcelona and claimsoluciones