Saturday 26 March, 11:30

BookCamp 2011 Session: Sharing is not stealing

This performance session will put into practice sharing not only ideas but also digital literary products. The session will be dedicated to exploring the nature of sharing, presenting contemporary initiatives for liberating and sharing books and other cultural products: BookLiberator and PirateBox.

Why is it ok to lend/share/gift books made up of atoms but not so when they are digital products? This session poses a series of questions about what it means to create a technological artefact that enables us to share digital books in a physical location among friends. What is the difference between sharing them like this and lending them in the physical format? What are the legal limitations to this practice? 

Neither BookLiberator nor PirateBox are systems that use mass open networks or cloud hard drives. This is about creating an actual physical space in which to share digital books through a device.

Coordinated by Mara Balestrini (@marabales) and Xavier Belanche (@xbelanch)
The Present Continuous, The Electromagnetic Spectrum, Open Science, Psi Particle, Art Now, Eco Factor, Emerging Culture, Cybersphere, New Activism
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