Saturday 26 March, 19:00

BookCamp 2011 Session: Open work. Real-time online writing

Online writing in real-time and opening up texts for online revisions (initial draft, re-write and final version) is a concept currently being developed at llibres-artesans.com as a socialisation of the creative process, sharing the heretofore intimate act of literary creation with the public reader.

Since the end of January regular life open writing sessions have been taking place and, based on this experience the main aims of this session are: to share the results, positive effects and secondary effects of open online writing; to explore the influence of the public’s presence on the writer and the establishment of specific terms (does it block the writer, or stimulate?); to assess the benefits of opening up revisions (drafts, re-writes, final version); to look deeper into the concept; to investigate where all of this might lead us, based on results; to ask ourselves questions and, perhaps, gather some answers...