Friday 25th from 4pm to 10'30pm

Saturday 26th from 11am to 2pm and from 4pm to 10'30pm


New edition of BookCamp Kosmopolis

Second edition of the BookCamp Kosmopolis


The success of the first BookCamp Kosmopolis on October 23rd has encouraged us to organize a second collaborative meeting dedicated to the changes taking place in reading devices, the new forms of reading, the resistance of independent publishers, the emergence of transmedia narratives and the influence of digital technologies in the creation, publication and dissemination of works of literature.

Bookcamp II permits a continuation of the task initiated during the sessions in October and at the same time to incorporate new sessions inspired on the themes of K11. The users themselves are responsible for the generation of contents by means of an exchange of knowledge that ranges from the activation of a Wiki to the creation and coordination of work sessions. The Kosmopolis team collaborates in the preparation, monitoring and production of the event, facilitating the participation of all contributors.

Enter the wiki and participate: http://kosmopolis2011.pbworks.com